Author Topic: How to Be Better In Bed - A Porn Starís Advise  (Read 3129 times)


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How to Be Better In Bed - A Porn Starís Advise
« on: May 13, 2020, 04:05:33 PM »

Every couple wants to have an incredible time in bed. But, there are times when things just fail to turn out as expected. Instead of blaming yourselves or resorting to activities that might harm your relationship more, consider getting advice from the pros. Porn stars are always incredible in bed and their advice might help you make significant progress in bed. Here are useful tips on how to be better in bed based on the experiences of the best las vegas escorts.

Give and Receive Fully

In every intercourse, one person gives while the other receives. The roles may change in the course of the act depending on your desires. But whichever role you play, make sure that you are all in. For instance, if you are the woman on the receiving end, open up and let him explore your goodies without being too rigid. On the other hand, the man should also allow the woman time to fully explore all sensations. This will ensure that she wonít feel like you are being too selfish. Basically, avoid rushing each other while having sex.
Attract Your Partner

Arousal is always a key aspect for great sex and all couples should emphasize it. In fact, if your partner is not properly stimulated beforehand, it will be harder to satisfy them in bed. As you prepare to have sex, bring up a surprise like maybe getting into the bedroom dressed up in sexy lingerie. Longer foreplay is also an incredible means of ensuring a more captivating arousal. If you are stimulated properly before the act, there is no doubt that the experience will be thrilling for both of you.

Explore the G-Spot

The G-Spot is the most sensitive part of the womanís body that must be sensually worked on to get her to the peak. As much as you may want to continuously suck her tits, kiss her neck and spank her, donít forget to work on the clitoris and the anal areas. Sometimes, you can even stop midway to lick or gently rub her vagina as she services you. This will provide a unique experience that will lead to intense orgasms and ultimate satisfaction.

Talk About What Turns You On

Letting your partner know where and how you want to be stimulated can make a big difference in your sex life. Donít just assume that your partner will work their way into your mind and body. Instead, be bold and express your feelings. Share your emotions youíre your partner before, during and after sex. This will pull you closer and ensure ultimate mutual fulfillment.

There is no magic potion that couples have to take to be better in bed. Openness and a little effort from both partners is all that is required to make the experience fun and satisfying.

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